Nothing gold can stay

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For my best friend
What does it mean  to be in love with somebody? Does it mean to never leave him, no matter what might happen?
Or does it mean to give yourself away, just to fit to someone elses opinions and wishes?
I don´t know. I really don´t have a plan about how love is defined, how we can all live for love. There´s no „love“, there are a thousand loves in this world, and each of it is different.
That makes love beautiful and unique, but it also makes it hard, because there´s never, never an experience or an advise which will completely fit to another one´s problem. There are going to be times when you might feel helpless, because there´s nothing you can do to make a person feel better, who is completely confused and destroyed by the love she or her is going through.
There are also going to be times when it´s you who´s bullied, distracted and hurt by love, or by the problems it brings with. Let me tell you this: there´s not going to be anybody or anything who or which will be able to comfort you completely. Nobody can take the pain from you, the pain  of feeling useless or destroyed. It will be horrible. It will almost kill you, you know. You´re gonna look up to the sun and wonder how you could have ever found her beautiful, when all she really is is a planet, lit up by volcans which are going to stop blowing fire one day. How should you enjoy a rainbow, when he never comes without any rain? You´re going to be so angry about how your life has changed, about how God has pushed you to the top of the mountain, but in the moment you enjoyed the view, you just got kicked down. Down to a place where you´re unable to be grateful for the view you´ve just seen.
But ah, don´t you think there´s gonna be a day or a time or a moment in your life, when slowly or all for sudden, your sun starts to shine a little brighter with all its temporary volcans, when step by step the anger leaves you and happiness find its place in your heart again? You´ll go through hell, but I do promise you that, when you´re in love, you´re also gonna find the sky, with its deepest blue and the softest breeze, and that´s gonna be the moment in which you realize that after all, everything that happened probably had a sence. The best thing about this moment is, that, suddendly, you no longer regret all the things you´ve done or said in the past. Of course they might have brought you so much problems, but maybe all those little things have lead you to the moment where you sit in the bus, feel the sun on your face and automatically start to smile. And you wont regret anything at all.
Maybe the person you once loved the most won´t matter to you in the future, but you´re always gonna understand why you fell in love with him or her. If someone gave you the oportunity to fall in love with him once again, you would say yes, because you know that the luck you felt during this time was more than the sad feelings.
The thing is that you won´t get any oportunity twice, especially when you´ve already used it the first time you got it. That´s what – in the end- makes our lifes so colourful. And having something you did for such a long time and with such an effort – like being in love with somebody- is a golden point on your wall of life. And although on this crazy, wild-running world, nothing gold can ever stay, be sure that this gold
is going
to stay

Mein Name ist Tabitha Anna und ich bin 23 Jahre alt. Ich komme aus dem Süden von Baden-Württemberg und liebe es, zu lesen, zu schreiben und zu reisen. Seit Oktober 2019 studiere ich deutsche und italienische Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft in Freiburg im Breisgau.